Can two drops of lemon in nose protect you from COVID-19? Here’s the truth
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Can two drops of lemon in nose protect you from COVID-19? Here’s the truth

There is an atmosphere of fear among a large number of people, given the rapid rate of coronavirus in India which is infecting millions of people daily. At this time, everyone just wants to know how they can stay protected from the virus. 
Several prescriptions for COVID-19 treatment have gone viral on WhatsApp groups and Facebook, ranging from home remedies to Ayurveda and Unani prescriptions and audio and video advices. None of the remedies are certified or verified but people are lapping them up with an alarming urgency.
One such claim is becoming quite viral these days on social media, in which two drops of lemon juice are being said to increase oxygen saturation level in the body and protect you from coronavirus.
The person in the video is seen claiming that the ‘lemon therapy’ can not only boost immunity in a person but also save them from the lethal coronavirus. He advised people to put two drops of lemon juice in their nostrils and claims that by doing this, all the main organs including eye, ear, nose and heart would be purified in just five seconds. “This will also provide relief to those who are facing all cold and cough illnesses,” the man claims in the video.
The truth
Lemon therapy doesn’t boost immunity or prevent COVID-19 infection. PIB has described this viral video as completely fake. According to PIB, there is no scientific evidence that can prove that coronavirus is eliminated by putting lemon juice in the nose.
The official Twitter handle of PIB Fact Check released a statement saying, “A video is being shared on social media which claims that putting just 2 drops of lemon juice in the nose will kill Coronavirus immediately. #PIBFactCheck: – The claim made in the video is # fake. There is no scientific evidence that # Covid19 can be eliminated by adding lemon juice to the nose.”

Other COVID-19 myths
A few days back, a viral social media post had claimed that homoeopathy medicine Aspidosperma Q 20 can be taken as a substitute when oxygen levels fall.
The Ministry of Ayush dismissed the claim and warned people not to self-medicate in critical condition while iterating that “a case requiring oxygen rehabilitation or medicinal support is solely dependent upon the discretion of the treating physician.”

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