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You’ll Meet The Most Badass People On This Honda – ZigWheels

The Honda Super Cub has had a glorious 63-year legacy. Even today, 100 million units later, it still doesn’t fail to leave you awestruck. But the underbone moped’s success can’t be fully credited to its mechanicals, for the Super Cub was always meant to be a consumer appliance without requiring mechanical aptitude. But this custom 1975 Honda Super Cub C70 is the rebel in the pack that mocks everything the original stood for.

The original Honda Super Cub was designed to not make you look like a grease monkey, and British mechanic Brian Ricketts’s C70 does anything but that. The front fairing, designed to keep the road debris away, is gone. So has the chain cover that protected your dress/pants from the lubricant. In addition, the side-mounted air intake and the underbelly exhaust stray from Honda’s original intention for the Super Cub.

The proportions of the original didn’t perhaps go with Brian’s vision, so he worked his magic on the chassis too, extending it by 60mm. He even decided to throw out the rear suspension and instead opt for a hardtail setup. To compensate for the stiff rear, the front fork is now tuned for more preload with the help of new internal fork springs. And finally, to match the butch look, the Cub sports a beefy 120-section tyre up front and a 160-section unit at the rear wrapped in wire-spoke rims (cos retro) and a 300/260mm petal disc setup.

Having the original engine in a setup like this would have been sacrilege, and Brian found the engine from Yamaha DT250MX — a two-stroke dirt bike made from 1971 to 1982 — a perfect fit for his Cub.

This custom Honda Super Cub is a one-off job and will not be on sale. Going by all the components and efforts, it certainly doesn’t seem to be easy on the pocket, which the original Cub was.

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