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Super Soco Will Reveal Four New Electric Bikes Today – ZigWheels

We’ve got just a few more hours before Super Soco announces its 2021 lineup of EVs. The range will consist of three new electric motorcycles alongside a concept.

Of the three new e-motorcycles, Super Soco has already teased the TC Wanderer and the TS Street Hunter. Going by its teaser, the TC Wanderer’s semi-digital display indicated 198km of range with the battery charged up to 100%. If the claims are true, the Super Soco TC Wanderer will have one of the highest range for any production electric motorcycle. Interested in the electric bike? Read all the essential details here.

As for the TS Street Hunter, Super Soco’s designers seem to have taken inspiration from the previous-gen Yamaha MT-09. This means that it is likely to be Super Soco’s first big capacity electric motorcycle. It features split LED lights and a beefy front fork. You can head here to understand more about the bike.

So, what about the third model and the concept? Honestly, that’s a well-kept secret by Super Soco and no details, teaser or images have surfaced yet. Another mystery element is the MotoGP rider who will be unveiling the new range of electric motorcycles,

All things said and done, will Super Soco grace Indian shores with its latest offerings? Chances of that are almost negligible considering the import bans from China and India’s still-evolving electric infrastructure. However, the Revolt RV400 is based on a Super Soco, and you can read our first ride experience of it here.


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