Mini Vision Urbanaut Electric Concept To Debut In Physical Form On July 1, 2021  – ZigWheels
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Mini Vision Urbanaut Electric Concept To Debut In Physical Form On July 1, 2021 – ZigWheels


  • Features illuminated bits all over its body, including elements that can be synced with the audio system.

  • Four-seater cabin can double up as a living room setup when the van is stationary.

  • Gets three customisation profiles that offer different music, ambient lighting, and instrument cluster themes.

  • The electric van comes with autonomous driving tech.

  • Likely to remain a one-off model. 

Remember the little Mini Vision Urbanaut Electric Concept van that debuted in virtual form in November 2020? Well, it’s going to become a tangible reality, with the carmaker set to unveil the physical model on July 1, 2021. Despite it being a cutesy van on wheels, you can pretty much turn it into a cozy room with all the futuristic tech and opulent cabin on offer. 

Measuring 4,460m in length, the van gets several futuristic bits. The lighting setup with the matrix headlight, tail lamp, and illuminated light bar is visible only when the van is on. Another cool feature comes in the form of illuminated skateboard-themed wheels that emit a swanky light when synced with the audio system.

The main talking point, though, is on the inside. A sliding door leads to a massive space but that’s more to do with it being a four-seater. That aside, you have a living room effect with the dashboard being lowered and the driver’s area becoming a seating corner when the concept is stationary. 

Further giving it the feel of a luxury retreat on wheels, you get three customisation profiles for different audio setups, ambient lightings, and instrument cluster interfaces. The ‘Chill’ profile provides subtle soundscapes of a forest, with rustling leaves and flowing water filling the interior to complement the dimmable forest canopy effect. The Wanderlust and Vibe profiles feature a specially composed soundtrack that can be played both inside and outside the vehicle.

We’re yet to get details on what’s under the hood, aside from the fact that it runs on electric propulsion, but we do know it incorporates autonomous driving tech. 

Although the Mini Vision Urbanaut concept is debuting in physical form, we think this futuristic van is unlikely to make it to production. That said, some of the nifty tech might just make its way to future Mini models. 

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