Husqvarna Unveils E-Pilen Concept Electric Motorcycle  – ZigWheels
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Cars and Bikes - April 27, 2021

Husqvarna Unveils E-Pilen Concept Electric Motorcycle – ZigWheels

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Right, now let’s cut to the chase — Husqvarna has just unveiled the E-Pilen, its concept electric motorcycle. Sure, it’s only a concept, and we don’t really have too many details about it, but there are some interesting takeaways here.

First, Husqvarna says that this is just one of several zero-emission options in development at the moment, so there’s more to come soon. Second, it shows us that the Swedish brand’s electric options will retain the same clean and minimalistic design language as their combustion-powered counterparts. That said, while the bodywork and tail section on the E-Pilen are sculpted and elegant, the “engine bay” region actually seems rather cluttered and messy. This is extremely uncharacteristic for any EV, let alone one made by Husqvarna.

Husqvarna E-Pilen electric motorcycle unveiled, here are the pics & specs

The fact that Husqvarna is working on electrics comes as no surprise, considering its parent company KTM has also unveiled electric concepts of its own and is even collaborating with our very own Bajaj Auto to co-create electric two-wheeler platforms.

Benefitting from all this, Husqvarna’s electric range will feature both fixed as well as swappable battery packs; in the case of the E-Pilen, it’s the latter. As we mentioned, there aren’t a whole lot of numbers available, but the few we do know tell us that this bike will manage 100km on a full charge and be powered by an 8kW battery. For reference, this is the same peak output as something like a Kabira KM4000, so the E-Pilen’s application will largely be limited to urban environments.

Considering the ongoing electric boom in India and the KTM brand’s intent and enthusiasm for our country, it’s quite likely that the E-Pilen could someday be launched here. Husqvarna would do well to price it at around the Rs 1.5 lakh mark.

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