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A Discount of Rs 10 Lakh On The Skoda Octavia RS 245! No Kidding – ZigWheels


Did this article get your goat? Don’t be mad at us. It’s only an April Fool joke (a bit cruel some might reckon, especially those who’ve always had the RS 245 in their wishlist or even existing owners who had to pay a bomb to buy one). Sorry folks, this is just a light-hearted feature, so do take it in the right spirit. We’re moving up this disclaimer from the bottom of the article just to clear the air upfront.

It has been over a year since Skoda drove in a limited lot of the Octavia RS 245. The carmaker is still struggling to sell the last few units even after initially announcing that all 200 cars were sold out. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame, but the carmaker now wants to clear its inventory before the new Octavia reaches our shores by the end of April. And to do that, Skoda is offering a discount worth a whopping Rs 10 lakh on the remaining few RS 245s! 


This effectively brings down the asking price from Rs 36 lakh to Rs 26 lakh (ex-showroom)! It makes the RS 245 a more sensible buy now, considering it’s just Rs 88,000 more than the now-discontinued RS 230, which was priced at Rs 25.12 lakh. Considering the RS 245 is a full import vehicle from Europe, it does make for a mouthwatering proposition. 


It’s not the first time a VAG product has packed a heavy discount. A few years ago, Volkswagen had offered the much overpriced GTI with a Rs 10 lakh discount! Therefore, this staggering discount from Skoda doesn’t come as a surprise. 


Now, a quick spec check for those of you considering the VFM Octy RS 245. The 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine puts out 245PS/370Nm and drives its front wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. It’s incredibly quick off the line, going from 0-100kmph in just 6.6 seconds. Keep the throttle on, and it won’t complain until you hit the 250kmph top speed. We had a ball driving this thing, so you should check out our first-drive review for more deets. 


Since stocks are limited, we suggest you reach out to your nearest Skoda showroom. And if you don’t get the heavy discount, please don’t be mad. You’ve just been April Fool-ed! 

Here’s hoping you took this story in jest and good humour. It’s good to have some fun once in a while.

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