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2021 Aprilia GPR250R vs TVS Apache RR 310: Image Comparison – ZigWheels

There are a number of motorcycles in China that we wish were available here and no, rip-offs don’t count. The latest entrant in the list is the updated 2021 Aprilia GPR250R which has undergone some key changes, making it an ideal entry-level sport bike. In India, this tag is borne by the homegrown TVS Apache RR 310. As much as we would like to, sadly, we cannot pit them against each other in real life, but we can compare them through a series of images. Let’s find out how the updated GPR250R stacks up against the Apache RR 310:

GPR250R Zig thumb 


Youngsters tend to prioritise looks and both bikes excel on this front. 

For 2021, the GPR250R sees a massive design overhaul. It gets new fairings, tail panels, and a more radical front fascia — all of which make it look a lot sportier than its predecessor.  We, particularly, like the front winglet-type air intakes under the signature three-piece all-LED headlamp.


The Apache RR 310 is also a good looking bike and has a lot going for it. It gets shark-gill cutouts on the fairings, a razor-sharp tail end, and an all-LED headlamp.

Overall, the RR 310 offers a better big bike feel while the GPR250R is the sportier-looking one. 


The GPR250R has undergone an update here too. It bids adieu to the older semi-digital setup for a fully digital TFT instrument cluster, which seems straight off the bigger Aprilias. You also get full-LED lighting now.

It’s, however, no match for the RR 310 which not only gets a TFT display and all-LED illumination, but also riding modes, a lap timer, smartphone connectivity, a mileage indicator, and TVS’ Glide Through Technology. All this makes the RR 310 the clear winner here. 


The Aprilia GPR250R employs the same 250cc single-cylinder motor from before. It sees a marginal bump in power, to 27.87PS and 21.5Nm.

 Engine of Apache RR 310

Meanwhile, the Apache RR 310 is powered by a bigger 312cc single-cylinder motor and puts out more power at 34PS and 27Nm. Both bikes feature a six-speed transmission.  


Since both are positioned as entry-level sport bikes, they feature top-notch components. The two are sprung on a USD fork and a monoshock. The difference here is in the chassis. While the RR 310 employs a trellis frame, the GPR250R uses a perimeter frame.

 Front Tyre View of Apache RR 310

Both bikes are anchored by a 300mm single disc up front, coupled with radial calipers. At the rear, the RR 310 gets a bigger 240mm disc, compared to the Aprilia’s 218mm single disc. The two also get dual-channel ABS as standard. 


Pricing And Verdict

The 2021 GPR250R retails in China at CNY 26,800 (around Rs 3.08 lakh), about Rs 20,000 more than the Apache RR 310’s on-road Delhi price. Given the updates, the 2021 GPR250R is certainly its best self but with more power and tech, the Apache RR 310 takes the trophy here.

Aprilia GPR250R photo credits: newmotor.com.cn

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